Over the past fifteen years of professional practice, I have gathered a broad and valuable range of design experiences in business; from delivering blue-chip projects at professional services firms, to providing in-house creative direction at start-ups and overcoming the challenges of growing and running my own UX design business.

Most recently, I was in-house Creative Director at an online retail business where I was responsible for the brand identity design, user experience design of both mobile and web sites, creative direction of all marketing communications, and managing the output of copywriting, photography and production team.

I am a focused and conscientious individual; driven by a desire to always deliver to the highest quality, and to bring clarity, simplicity and engagement to my work. I enjoy working as part of a team and also managing key client relationships. I have a thorough working approach with a keen eye for detail and consistency and I’m not afraid to roll-up my sleeves when necessary.

I feel my previous experiences have given me a fully-rounded view of design in the business world and a greater appreciation for what it can achieve.

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