Casabu Flash Retail

As Creative Director, I conceived the brand identity and built a visual language that appealed to customers, investors and brand partners. I was responsible for the design and delivery of the customer experience and for supporting the growth and retention of Casabu’s membership base.



I led the design of the Web and Mobile user experiences, from initial wireframes to full visual design specification.



Casabu-best-website-home      Casabu-best-website-saleevent


The design and content of daily marketing emails were critical to driving traffic and revenue. I worked at a strategic and tactical level with the Marketing Director on display advertising (online & print) and numerous member acquisition campaigns via lead-generation partners and social media.


Daily marketing emails



Display & print advertising


I was also responsible for ongoing feature development and optimisation of Casabu’s user experience. The following are examples of UX specifications that I would provide in the handover to technical development.


Casabu mobile site wireframes


Casabu Affiliate User Journey sign-up